About Us

The rural nonprofit association “Paramethorios Drasi” (Borderland Action) was founded in 2011 by young people that are from the border island of Agathonisi in the Dodecanese. Wanting to emphasize the decentralizing character of the association, Agathonisi was selected as the headquarters and the district as its main field of action. 

The main goals of the “Paramethorios Drasi” association are to handle, project and exploit the cultural heritage, the arts and the natural environment of the island of Agathonisi and the border areas of the Aegean Sea in general. Also, to develop and promote all initiatives for educational, cultural and artistic exchanges and visits between the island of Agathonisi and other areas of the Greek territory, as well as other countries and especially European and Balkan countries. 

The promotion of traditional and experimental forms of music, theatrical and dance expression, as well as the creation for suggestions for educational programs and institutions in all the art fields, the organizing of Greek and International presentations, meetings and conferences about all art, culture and environment issues, as well as the study, research, projection and preservation of the submarine area of the island of Agathonisi and of the Aegean Sea in general, have an important place in the areas of interest of “Paramethorios Drasi”.

Within the scope of the effort for broader updating and more direct communication, we created the website www.paramethoriosdrasi.gr, which we aspire to function as an additional space of expression and projection of the border areas of Greece and their people.

The borders of Greece